Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Full time Vs. Distance learning.

It's been a long running debate between MBA applicants while choosing between a distance based education and a full time MBA. Students often struggle to agree on whether a distance or full time program would be best suited for them. Should they reap the benefits of being able to study at home or work towards a MBA at one of the countries most reputable colleges? To help make the decision on which choice is best for you it is important to know the variation between full time and distance based programs.
MBA Distance Learning:
These courses are targetted at those who cannot afford to quit their job in order to take up full time education. They could have a family that they support ot simply just do not want to sit at home and stop earning. That's why distance learning is ideal for them, it gives them the chance to study in their free time.
Distance learning can be either an online or offline program, students are provided with all necessary work books and materials needed to complete their study. The students have complete control over their study time and prep work for exams. They just have to complete an exam at the end of the course. If you want to take a look at the UK's leading online learning college head over to Google and search for The Open University.
MBA Distance Learning offered by the Open University.

Full time MBA:
Full time MBA's are the conventonal way of studying towards yiur qualification. Generally the curriculym for full time courses is considerably better than that of a distant based program. They normally include practical session, extensive training, internal and semester exams that help their students develop skills in the best way possible.
In some cases someone with a full time MBA will be valued higher by a prospective employer than someone with only a distance based MBA. This will however, vary depending on the field and employers so don't let that put you off taking the distant learning option, you will not be limited on the employment available to you after completion    Full time MBA's are however generally a lot more expensive than the distance learning alternative. 

So to round all of that up, as a rule brick based colleges will be considerably more expensive than courses based at on online or distance learning college, they are however favored by some employers but as time goes on and the internet and MBA distance learning becomes more and more popular this will defiantly die down. It is very rare that you will get turned down for having a MBA completed on a distance learning program,
If you would like more information on how to get started with MBA distance learning and find out a little bit more about it then you can browse through the previous posts in this blog to help you in your search for the perfect online college. More posts will be coming in the following days so make sure you check back when you get the chance!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Finding a MBA Distance Learning To Suite You.

Studying your MBA online is an amazing opportunity for those with full time work, a family to look after, a disability that stops them attending traditional universities/colleges. It gives you the chance to further your education and career from your own home. However, finding the right online MBA can be difficult if you don't know where to start.
Finding the right online institute for you to begin your studies with can be very daunting. It's necessary for any online learner to search through hundreds of different online colleges. One thing to bear in mind is you have access to institutes all over the world not just local community colleges and university's
I've seen a few free services floating around on the internet and distance learning forums that will approach potential colleges for you rather than leaving it all up to you. Searching for your ideal college online is defiantly very time consuming  and can at times get quite frustrating.  You just have to remember that the harder you search the more successful you will be in your study.

There are two approaches when applying for an online MBA; one of those is to apply to studdy part-time via distance learning and the second is to apply for a full time course. While the previous one may require you to go to a weekend class. With the latter however there is no weekend class requirement.

When you have narrowed down you search to a few of your favorite distance learning colleges, and you at at the final stage of choosing you MBA course, it is very important that check that your chosen university/college is properly accredited with a good track record and nice reputation. Although it seems like a very basic step it's one people often miss and end up getting stung by a degree scam or degree mill whose degrees have no real significance. The only other things you need to take into account is finding a school that will fit around your lifestyle, time frame and budget.

Your basic guide to MBA distance learning.

In today's society, most people see advancing in their career as a pretty important thing. A great step towards meeting this goal is to hold an MBA degree. A master's degree increases your chances of getting that job you have always wanted, as well as increase your chances of earning a promotion from a position you're already in. However, if you are working full time then finding the time to do it can be pretty challenging, that's when one of the many distance learning MBA programs comes into play.
Distance learning is a program that is generally aimed at people without the time to attend a tradition brick college or university. The majority of these courses are studied online and more and more are becoming available as they get more popular. Being able to study from home allows people to manage their time for study, work and personal time.
One of the main advantages of studying an MBA online is the great flexibility and self-time managed learning compared to traditional campus based courses. People who have families at home or those in full time employment will find the online distance learning an ideal way to study for their MBA. The MBA courses can offer their student's a full MBA without having to leave their homes.
Now on to cost, MBA distance learning programs are considerably cheaper than most traditional programs on offer.  That makes MBA distance learning an option for those that could not afford to study one of the many traditional programs on offer. Not only are tuition fees lower for the online distance learning alternative but students can normally download all material needed so there is no need to purchase textbooks.
One of the other great advantages of online based distance learning is it allows students to get much more one to one attention from their professor via email, voice chat, ect. something that isn't alwayts possible with standard programs. Studying online also brings an opportunity for students with a disability that would prevent them from studying in a standard college/university.
Although there are many advantages to distance learning for your MBA, more than I can list; it does require a lot of self motivation, time planning and dedication.  Before commiting to a program you should research carefully so you can be sure that you find a suitable and accredited program.